Bealink Reservation Changes / Cancellations

Reservation Changes
Changes cannot be made online. If you already have a reservation and wish to change, please send an e-mail to the Bealink Support Team at:
or call us on: 03-6930000
 Reservation Cancellations
Customers who book online will receive a username and password upon receiving reservation confirmation.
Cancellations can be made online from any main page by scrolling down to My Bealink. Log in with your username (e-mail) and password that you received on confirmation of your reservation.
After login you may cancel your reservation by clicking on the "Cancel" button, if your reservation meets the cancellation conditions as set forth in the price list.
Cancellation of the reservation is subject to the cancellation policy defined in the cancellation policy.
In the event that your booking fails to meet the cancellation conditions and the “Cancel” button does not appear in "My Bealink Reservations”, please contact the hotel or reservations center on 03-6930000 or send us an e-mail to:
 Cancellation Methods
You can cancel an online booking by sending a "Cancellation Notification".
"Cancellation Notification " - A notice that the Customer has provided in each of the following ways, which includes the full name of the Customer and his / her ID number. In the event that the Cancellation Notification has been delivered orally, an additional means of identification, as agreed upon at the time of the reservation, will be required.
Cancellation Notifications can be sent in any of the following methods:
A.         Orally by calling 03-6930000 or by oral notice at Bealink Hotel Offices, 1 Krinitzi Street, Ramat Gan.
B.         By registered mail to: Bealink Hotel Offices, 1 Krinitzi Street, Ramat Gan.
C.         By e-mail to:
D.         By fax: 03-6969896
E.         Online: "My Bealink / Cancellations" at:
For further questions / requests / inquiries, please leave a message online via 'Contact Us' or call our Reservation Hotline at 03-6930000 and we will contact you as soon as possible.